Thank you for your interest in our product's.

 It is our goal to provide the best performing Vape products at the highest quality while keeping our product affordable for all to purchase and profitable for retailers / Wholesalers and distributors to sell. 

   We start our minimum order quantity low to better accommodate small businesses and offer significant reductions in price based on the quantity purchased, insuring maximum profitability for large wholesalers and small retailers alike. 

   We believe without a doubt we provide the best premium organic vape wick hands down ! and offer a superior product at an even better price than the competition ! 


Our product features 

  • Non bleached / chemically treated
  • 100% certified organic 
  • Processed in the USA 
  • Highly heat resistant
  • Highly absorbent 
  • No break In time / NO cotton taste
  • Very long lasting 


For Wholesale information and to set up your wholesale account please use the form below to contact us. Or simply email us at tuffwix@gmail.com

setting up a wholesale account with us is fast and very easy.