TuffCoils Flat Clapton Kanthal A1 (one set)

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TuffCoil Flat Clapton Kanthal A1

Premium Hand Finished Coil's


- Intense flavor delivery !

- Thick cloud production !


*also available in Nichrome Ni80


Kanthal A1

 - OHM range .24 - .26  (during normal use)

- Wire 0.3 x 0.8 flat wire 32G A1 wrap

- 5 wrap coil , 3mm inside diameter



 The Flat Clapton by TuffCoil. The Flat Clapton employs flat wire apposed to round wire to broaden the coil surface area.


The added surface area and thin flat wires provide a great flavor delivery, huge cloud production and fast ramp up time.


Flat wire claptons are simple to prime and temper before wick installation making them a good choice for your all day vape.


Rugged and easy to clean for extended coil life. When paired with TuffWix or JuicyWix you have a very good choice for an all day vape.